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Crash Site Omega is the site containing an alien spacecraft buried beneath Gravity Falls, Oregon, apparently having crashed millions of years prior to the present day, killing its pilots and claiming responsibility for the odd appearance of the cliffs of Gravity Falls. Ford Pines is uncertain whether the saucer is responsible for the Anomalous Phenomena in Gravity Falls, or rather that the presence of the phenomena is what drew the craft there to begin with.



Once a spacecraft belonging to an alien race known as the Pan-Dimensional Beings of Trilazzx Beta, creatures known for existing in 7 to 11 dimensions at once and having horrific senses of direction, the vessel crashed into Earth approximately 30 million years B.C.E., evidenced by tree ring interruptions and radiation tests conducted by Ford. The impact was responsible for the creation of the valley that would one day host the modern-day town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, as well as forming the bizarre floating cliffs surrounding the land. As eons passed, the surviving crew died off while their ship was buried beneath the planet, ultimately creating numerous disturbances in the hamlet resting above it, such as electrical disturbances, sick livestock, and magnetic interference with vehicles.[1]

S2e17 full town

The cracks of the spacecraft created in the cliffs.

Ford discovered the existence of the saucer sometime after arriving in Gravity Falls, and he and his partner Fiddleford McGucket scavenged materials from it for use in their Interdimensional Portal and other projects. Due to the ship having crashed millions of years ago, the passengers and crew were long dead, as well as most of the ships' systems. In addition to collecting parts, the two geniuses spent time studying the aliens' technology and language.

Season 2[]

In "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future," Ford reenters the saucer with Dipper after recounting its history in order to locate a powerful adhesive needed to repair the container holding the interdimensional rift. While they succeeded in locating it, they inadvertently activated one of the ship's long-dormant security systems. Ford was taken captive by a security droid and sent flying towards space, bound for an intergalactic prison, but was fortunately saved by the quick actions of Dipper.


Season 2


  • Given that the letter "Omega" is at the end of the Greek alphabet, it's possible that this crash site is merely one of many that Ford has previously encountered. Or perhaps he just thought it sounded cool.
  • The crashed ship as well as the pilots inside bear a striking resemblance to the Derelict spaceship seen in the 1979 Ridley Scott film Alien. The scene is notable for having introduced the Xenomorph in the film as the Pilot was for reasons unknown carrying facehugger eggs to an unknown location. Likewise, the pilots in Gravity Falls were also crashed for an unknown reason and have been dead for millennia. 


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