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Crampelter[1] is a childhood bully of Stan and Ford Pines.[2][1]


Early life

Crampelter grew up in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey, and served as Stan and Ford Pines' childhood bully, frequently harassing and mocking the twins for either wimpy demeanor and congenital anomaly, respectively. His assaults were the primary reasons behind Filbrick Pines signing his children up for boxing lessons, hoping to thicken their skin against their tormentors.

Season 1

Crampelter with his friends.

Crampelter is amongst the herd of bullies that harass a young Stan on the playground, as seen in one of his childhood memories in "Dreamscaperers."

Season 2

In "A Tale of Two Stans", he returns during Stan's recollection of life in his hometown, and is shown mocking him and his brother Ford during their construction of the Stanowar.

In "The Last Mabelcorn," his name is one of the thoughts running through Ford's head.


Season 1

Season 2


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