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The Corn Maze is a tourist trap located along Redwood Highway, Oregon. It features a vast hedge maze made out of corn farm.


Before the twins' visit

S2e16 soos trapped

Soos lost within the Corn Maze

According to Stan, the Corn Maze, along with other attractions located along the Redwood Highway, partakes in a yearly tradition of pranking one another, including Mystery Shack, during the summer.

Season 2

In "Roadside Attraction", the maze is the fourth attraction to be visited on Stan's trip of revenge. Stan releases corn weevils amidst the stalks and runs, accidentally leaving Soos, who lost within the maze, behind during the escape. He is still lost at the end of the episode. Dipper meets and flirts with a girl in a visor while visiting this attraction.


S2e16 Corn maze parking lot

Stan's RV peeling out of the Corn Maze's parking lot

The Corn Maze is a vast field of corn into which labyrinthine pathways have been cut. As it seems to have a farm theme to it, it is decorated with bales of hay and pumpkins of various sizes. A small barn and a tractor can be seen in its parking lot. A corn-shaped concession stand selling corn on the cob to tourists is located beside its entry archway.

After Stan dumps some corn weevils outside the maze, the corn wall near him is seen eaten away partially.


Season 2


  • This attraction references Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

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