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Corey Burton (born Corey Gregg Weinberg; August 3, 1955) is an American voice actor, perhaps best known as the current voice of Captain Hook for numerous Disney projects, Brainiac in the DC animated universe, several central characters for numerous Star Wars projects, and Spike Witwicky and Shockwave in the Transformers universe. He has worked on numerous cartoon series for major networks such as Cartoon Network and has worked extensively with The Walt Disney Company and Disney theme parks, and has received multiple awards throughout his career. He voiced an unnamed lawyer in the Gravity Falls' episode "Little Dipper".

Early Career

Corey Burton began his career at age 17 under the name of Corey Weinman with an imitation performance of voice actor Hans Conried for Disney. He studied radio acting with Daws Butler for four years and went on to work with nearly all of the original Hollywood radio actors in classic style radio dramas.

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