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The cloning copy machine is a device owned by Stan Pines that can make paper copies as well as living copies of humans (even incomplete human body parts, which are animated). The copier's origin is unknown, even though it is known that Stan has made some repairs to it though it's not mentioned if he tested it. It is a major plot device in "Double Dipper." On one side of the machine is a sign with the words "CAUTION," "DANGER," and "PELIGRO."


Season 1

Stan first mentioned the copier to Dipper and Mabel when he wanted them to copy more fliers for his party in "Double Dipper". They learn of its supernatural properties when Dipper accidentally copies his arm, which then comes to life, before they kill it with a cup of Pitt Cola (an interesting aspect about the copies is they all seem to dissolve when doused in water or other liquids). The copier is next used by Dipper to make multiple copies of himself to aid in his courtship of Wendy. During the creation of one of these copies, a paper jam occurred, which resulted in a mutilated copy of Dipper known as Paper Jam Dipper.

In "Boss Mabel," "Carpet Diem" and "Dreamscaperers" the machine is again seen in Stan's office.

Season 2

When Dipper finally asks Stan for Journal 3 back in "Scary-oke," it is revealed that Stan used the copier to create extra copies of some of the pages in Journal 3. He then gives the Journal back to Dipper as he no longer needs it.

In "Not What He Seems," the machine is visible when Dipper and Mabel are going through Stan's office to look for evidence to prove his innocence.


The copy machine is used like any other normal copy machine. After the item (or person) in question has been scanned, a paper copy emerges from the left side. If it is a person that has been copied, the paper quickly becomes three-dimensional. Even if only part of a living being is scanned (like Dipper's arm), it still functions like it was still attached to a body. The copier does not seem able to copy symbols (like the pine tree on Dipper's hat) or certain accessories (like Dipper's bow tie).


The machine appears rather beat-up and worn out, with various pieces of bent material and multiple pieces of tape holding it together. The scanner is on top of the machine, and the copied pages print out on the left side of it.


Season 1

Season 2



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