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All animation is black magic.
This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

The clay monsters were clay models brought to life through Harry Claymore's use of black magic. They went insane and turned on their creator after 3D computer generated animation was invented and they were no longer needed for animated movies.

List of clay monsters


S2e6 cyclops yell

It first appears in the Loinclothiclese movie that the Pines family watches at the beginning of Clay Day. It has one eye, yellow skin, a long tongue, fangs, and big, pointy ears. It captures Soos and Stan and traps them in clay. Mabel then turns it into "Shimmery Twinkleheart" from Believe in Yourself, and it helps Mabel defeat the other clay monsters.

Skeleton army

S2e6 three skeletons

They emerge from the ground and attack Dipper and Mabel. They later stand guard as the Cyclops buries Dipper, Stan, and Soos in clay. They are all destroyed by Shimmery Twinkleheart.

Medusa with a scorpion body

S2e6 scorpion

It tries to fight Shimmery Twinkleheart, but they both become a mass of melted clay.


S2e6 That was the best part!

Four unicorns descend from above to join the battle with the other clay monsters, but fall into the large mass of clay. After, Claymore comments that "That was the best part!"


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