Circle Park is a small park with a playground in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

Circle Park first appears in "Tourist Trapped," when Mabel Pines goes on a date with Norman.

Circle Park also appears in "Fight Fighters," when Robbie is angry at Dipper for trying to get between him and Wendy. Robbie tells Dipper to meet him at the park at 3:00 so they can fight. After Dipper discovers a secret code written on an arcade machine, he brings Rumble McSkirmish with him so he can defend Dipper from Robbie. During the (very one-sided) fight that follows, Rumble destroys the jungle gym with a fireball.


The location is later seen in "Lefty," where Dipper films the Lefty Robot jogging on the track.

It can briefly be seen when Mabel dresses a dog like a clown in the short "Mabel's Guide to Color."


Season 1



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