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Cinnamon is a character from Believe in Yourself in Gravity Falls.


Cinnamon appears for first time during the "Clay Day" segment of "Little Gift Shop of Horrors." Mabel is watching the episode number 618 from Believe in Yourself. On it, Shimmery Twinkleheart congratulates Cinnamon for "believing in [herself]" after apprehending a crook.

Then, Mabel was taken by Stan to Claymore Manor, alongside Dipper and Soos, because she was scared after watching "The Voyages of Loinclothiclese," a claymation. There, Dipper, Soos and Stan were trapped by the clay monsters. To save them, Mabel took Cinnamon's role, with a Shimmery Twinkleheart she created with clay, and requested him to defeat the clay monsters.


Cinnamon has a positive attitude, seems very happy, and is a kind, innocent child.


Cinnamon is a young girl. She has blond hair and dilated pupils. She wears heart-shaped earrings, purple overalls and pink shoes and hair ribbons. She also has a pink gingham.


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