Chutzpar is the first among the Manotaurs that Dipper encounters. He teaches him various man secrets.


S1e6 giving dipper chest hair

Chutzpar glues some of his chest hair onto Dipper.

Chutzpar debuts in "Dipper vs. Manliness" when he scares off many forest animals and Manly Dan. He then goes up to Dipper, frightening him as well, and asks if he is going to finish his beef jerky. After smelling the boy's emotional issues, Dipper tells Chutzpar of the events at Greasy's Diner and asks the manotaur to teach him how to be a man; Chutzpar obliges and takes Dipper, who rides on his back hair, to see the other manotaurs. After Dipper convinces them to help him, they make him do various takes, like putting his hand into the "Pain Hole" and jumping a gorge.

S1e6 hottub

Chutzpar and the manotaurs cheer for Dipper.

Once he passes forty-nine of these tasks, Dipper says that he is finally starting to feel more like a man, but Chutzpar reprehends him, saying that he still has to complete the final and most difficult task: completing a mission from Leaderaur. Chutzpar takes Dipper to see Leaderaur, who assigns him the task of defeating the Multi-Bear. When Dipper realizes that he and the Multi-Bear get along very well, he refuses to kill the bear; the manotaurs shame and forget about him, then run off, led by Chutzpar, to build something and knock it down.


S1e6 chutzpar deer

Chutzpar, like other manotaurs, is very tall, muscular and hairy and wears a loincloth around his waist. He wears his beard in a pony tail and wears a hat, similar to a Jewish Kippah. He has sidecurls in his hair. He has a tattoo with the male gender sign.


He likes to do stereotypical "manly" things, such as relaxing in hot tubs, and dislikes anything remotely feminine or "weak." He expresses a fatherly side through his care for boys and his willingness to help them with any problems they are having, namely emotional ones.


Season 1


  • Various aspects of him parallel Orthodox Judaism, such as his attire, his sidelocks, and even his name, which is a portmanteau of the Hebrew words חוצפה "Chutzpah" (heb: חוצפה, also loaned to Yiddish) and "Par" (heb: פר; 'bull').

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