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Chips is a brand of snack food sold in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Creature bait.

The brand is first seen during the Creature in the Closet promotional short. Dipper and Mabel are trying to figure out what type of creature is in their closet, and to do so they try to lure it out with a bag of Chips.

Wendy eating Chips.

In "The Inconveniencing," Chips bags are seen during the attack of Ma and Pa. It is implied that they were sold before the closing of the Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store.

During the beginning of "Boyz Crazy," Wendy is seen eating Chips while she is spending time with Dipper.


Chips is a bit similar to Corncornos. The bags are oval shaped with a very pale brown color. On the top is the word Chips with orange rectangles outlining it. In the center is a triangular chip.


Season 1


  • Although the chip represented on the bag is triangle shaped, the actual snack food alternates between being round or triangular.

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