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Chipackerz is a chip-flavored cracker brand made by Nyums.


Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Soos use the Chipackerz as chips in their poker game in "Fight Fighters." Mabel also eats them with Waddles as she watches Cash Wheel in "Boss Mabel," and remarks that they taste exactly like chips. They also appear in a commercial at the beginning of the same episode; the commercial advertises them as "Chipackerz: The chip-flavored crackers." The same quote also appears on the box seen in "Fight Fighters."


Chipackers apperance.png

The Chipackerz box comes in either red or blue, with a picture of the snack located in the middle of the box. In small words below the title is written: "The chip flavored crackers!"


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