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This page is for Charlie (talk show host), the talk show host. For the boy at Woodstick, see Charlie (kid).

Charlie is a fictional television host fantasized by Dipper Pines in "The Legend of the Gobblewonker."


Charlie interviewing Dipper.

In "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," Dipper asks Soos to imagine what would happen if they found the legendary Gobblewonker. He then imagines himself as a renowned adventurer being interviewed by Charlie. Charlie then asks Dipper what the secret of his success was, to which he answers that he runs away from nothing, except for when he deserted his Grunkle Stan to find the Gobblewonker. Charlie then gives him an award and takes a picture with him, after which Mabel Pines breaks through the wall in a hamster ball and demands to be interviewed by Charlie as well.


He has gray hair, black eyebrows, and a mustache, and he wears a black suit with a white dress shirt, light blue tie and blue pocket handkerchief.


Season 1


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