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The Revolution was here?!
|image = Cecil Baldwin staff image.jpg
|full name = Cecil Edward Baldwin
|nickname =
|sex = Male
|birth date = {{Birth date and age|1979|2|18}}
|born in =
|height = 6'0"
|eye color = Blue
|hair color = Brown
|occupation = Voice actor
|website = http://resumes.actorsaccess.com/cecilbaldwin
|role = [[Tad Strange]]}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an American voice actor and is best known for voicing Cecil Palmer in ''[[Wikipedia:Welcome to Night Vale|Welcome to Night Vale]]''. He voiced [[Tad Strange]] on ''[[Gravity Falls (TV series)|Gravity Falls]]''.
Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast presented as a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale, reporting on the strange events that occur within it. The series was created in 2012 by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. It has been published by Night Vale Presents since March 15, 2015, and was previously published by Commonplace Books. Cecil Gershwin Palmer, the host, main character, and narrator, is voiced by Cecil Baldwin, while secondary characters are sometimes voiced by guest stars, such as Carlos, voiced by Dylan Marron. The podcast typically airs on the first and fifteenth of every month, and consists of "news, announcements and advertisements" from the desert town, located "somewhere in the Southwestern United States". In an interview with NPR, Joseph Fink said that he "came up with this idea of a town in that desert where all conspiracy theories were real, and we would just go from there with that understood."
==External links==
* {{Facebook|CecilEdwardBaldwin}}
* {{Instagram|CecilBaldwinIII}}
* {{IMDb name|3265645}}
* {{Twitter|CecilBaldwinIII}}
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The Revolution was here?!

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