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The following category contains all the members of the Pines family.

Family tree[]

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Filbrick Pines
Caryn Pines
Stanford Pines
Ford Pines
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Stan Pines
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Shermy Pines
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Mr. Pines
Mrs. Pines
Mabel Pines
Dipper Pines

Unnamed Baby/Shermie Pines Misconception[]

In A Tale of Two Stans, Stanley mentions that Dipper and Mabel are the grandchildren of Shermie. This implies that him and Ford had a 3rd brother, who was either older or younger than them. Despite this mention of him, he was never talked about again. It's been theorized that an unnamed baby that was seen the episode, prior to Stan being kicked out, was Shermie as a baby. However, alongside timeline issues that would occur, the baby has never been canonically referred to as Shermie. When asked, Alex refused to elaborate on who the baby was when asked if it was Shermie. [1] Additionally, show writer Jeff Rowe incorrectly said the baby was Shermie when answering a fan question in 2016 and quickly reversed his statement on it, stating, "I don't actually know. I thought that's what that was but I'm not sure. Don't take it as canon, sorry." [2][3]To this day, the true identity of the baby remains unknown, and it is still unclear if the baby was even a member of the Pines family or not.


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