Cash Wheel is a television game show hosted by Rich and Carla. It is similar to the real-life series, Wheel of Fortune.


In "Boss Mabel," Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Waddles watch the show before a bus full full of tourists arrives. Later in the episode, Stan decides to compete in the show and only receives entry by pretending to have a heart attack and claiming the only antidote was to receive a spot on the show. Once on, Stan is disruptive and does not acknowledge the show's rules, leads the score against his competitors, Donna and Doug. However, he loses his money when he fails to answer the final question, the answer was: PLEASE.

In "Dreamscaperers," the show reappears as memory in Stan's mindscape.


The objective of the game is to solve a puzzle that appears on a digital screen. Only a few letters are projected on the screen. In order to receive more letters, the player must spin a wheel, which contains monetary amounts or words that lead to monetary amounts, and then guess any letter of the alphabet (from A to Z). If the letter is present in the puzzle, then the amount of letters appear on the digital screen. If a player knows the answer, he must say it. If it's correct, the player wins the round. If not, the player has one last chance. This game may be similar to the real-life game show, Wheel of Fortune, yet the exact rules of the game are unknown; However, Stan broke several of them (such as blurting out an answer when it was not his turn and not allowing any other players to spin the wheel or solve the puzzle).

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  • The Latin phrase "Lucror Magus" appears below the contestants when they are introduced meaning "Win Big."
  • The spaces on the wheel include: "Go to real jail," "Cash cannon," "Cash shower," and "Cash flood," along with monetary amounts.

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