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Caryn Romanoff Pines[1] is the wife of Filbrick Pines, the mother of Stan, Ford, and Shermie Pines, and the great-grandmother of Mabel and Dipper Pines.


Early life

In the 1960s, Caryn lived in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey, where she worked as a phone psychic, a vocation greatly aided by her pathological need to lie.

Season 2

Caryn makes several appearances in Stan's flashbacks throughout "A Tale of Two Stans." She is seen working as a phone psychic and meeting with the Pines twins' principal about her sons' futures, during which she expresses concern for their "free spirit", Stanley. She also asks what is happening when Filbrick kicks Stanley out of the house.


Ma Pines appearance.png

She wears a red, sleeveless dress, white heels, golden bangles on her wrists and large golden hoop earrings. She has long nails, dark red lipstick and purple eye shadow. She wears a large part of her hair up in a partial beehive, leaving the rest of it loose.


Season 2


  • Her maiden name Romanoff is a Russian surname that can also be spelled Romanov and was most notably borne by the former imperial house of Russia, the House of Romanov.
  • She and her family were Jewish.[2]


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