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This page is for Candy monster (creature), the candy thief. For the short, see Candy Monster.

The candy monster appears in the "Candy Monster" short of Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained.


In "Candy Monster," after Dipper concludes a section in his video recording, the creature startles Dipper and starts to cause havoc in the attic. As Dipper wakes up Mabel it starts eating their Summerween candy. Dipper then equips himself with golf clubs and a garbage can as weapons, and armor made out of stuffed animals found in his room. He then advances towards the creature in an attempt to trap it by luring it with candy, but the monster catches on and flees. Dipper and Mabel run after it.

Dipper chasing the Candy Monster.

The creature proves to be difficult for the twins to capture as it begins to make a mess of the Shack, wastes their candy and attacks Dipper. When all seems lost, the monster accidentally steps on the TV remote and turns on the TV to a movie that Dipper likes. The TV has a hypnotic effect on the creature and calms it down.

After all is well Dipper, Mabel and the monster watch the movie together. Soos is seen saying hello to the twins and the monster, whom he mistakes for Grunkle Stan. Dipper then concludes this recording and says that the next one will probably be about finding a way to get rid of the candy eating monster, but Soos is confused and asks the monster, whom he still believes to be Stan, what Dipper is talking about.


The creature is a short, round, hairy, tan-orange creature with large light-yellow eyes with red pupils, fangs, a blue tongue and short, stubby arms and legs. It also appears to look a lot like Thing 26 from the promotional trailer for "Creature in the Closet."






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