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S1e12 grenda freaking out.png
S1 E12 Grenda Freak Out.png
S1e12 mabel speech.png
S1e12 mabel speech.png
S1e12 Dipper being stubborn.png
S1e12 Dipper being stubborn.png
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===[[The Stanchurian Candidate]]===
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S2e14 stan4mayor.jpeg
S2e14 wow is this for real.jpg
S2e14 campaign prep.jpg
S2e14 bud is winning.jpg
===[[The Last Mabelcorn]]===
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S2e15 forest treck.png
S2e15 if you lick a unicorn neck.png
S2e15 promise to lick.png
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S2e15 keep you safe.png
S2e15 arrived at forest.png
S2e15 Grenda chant 1.png
S2e15 circle stone layout.png
S2e15 realm gateway.png
S2e15 entering the unicorn realm.png
S2e15 crews view.png
S2e15 excitement and choking.png
S2e15 taking off shoes.png
S2e15 weve come to protect family.png
S2e15 candy lick attempt.png
S2e15 Mabel presents herself.png
S2e15 thoughts on slacking.png
S2e15 vow to be pure.png
S2e15 punched bird.png
S2e15 bird is injured.png
S2e15 Doing Good Deeds.png
S2e15 deed done.png
S2e15 giving too much blood.jpg
S2e15 bezazzling nathaniel.png
S2e15 old lady biz.png
S2e15 1000 good deeds.jpg
S2e15 jujementale hoof bag.jpg
S2e15 Mabel begging.jpg
S2e15 worried.png
S2e15 trying to cheer mabel up.jpg
S2e15 Mabel very sad.jpg
S2e15 girl power.jpg
S2e15 was that too much.jpg
S2e15 pitt cola.jpg
S2e15 breaking in.png
S2e15 you have a deal.jpg
S2e15 Gnome GPD.jpg
S2e15 about to cut hair 1.jpg
S2e15 unicon blood.jpg
S2e15 Charge.jpg
S2e15 unicorn battle is cut.jpg
S2e15 Mabel To the Rescue.png
S2e15 unicorn tears.jpg
S2e15 treasue chest.jpg
S2e15 you protected you family.jpg
S2e15 Money.png
S2e15 Bill's next pawn 3.jpg
===[[Roadside Attraction]]===
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S2e16 grenda pumped.png
S2e16 road dogs.png
S2e16 ndas.png
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S2e16 rvs are amazing.png
S2e16 candy and grenda.png
S2e16 i want to gain their travel knowledge.png
S2e16 those never helped anyone.png
S2e16 candy glares.png
S2e16 mabel dives.png
S2e16 girls upside down.png
S2e16 confident dipper.png
S2e16 candy blush.png
S2e16 truth or dare or dont.png
S2e16 dont.png
S2e16 truth.png
S2e16 ends with ipper.png
S2e16 yes.png
S2e16 family road trip.png
S2e16 personal bubble.png
S2e16 doomed.png
S2e16 head falling.png
S2e16 awk.png
S2e16 new mummies daily.png
S2e16 creepy candy.png
S2e16 angry girls.png
S2e16 knock knock.jpg
S2e16 praise.png
S2e16 Using confidence for good.png
S2e16 Upset Candy.png
S2e16 A new pamphlet.png
S2e16 Pamphlet inside.png
S2e16 An Accepted Apology.png
S2e16 Apology Accepted.png
S2e16 Not intrested.png
S2e16 Not interested.png
S2e16 Deserved it.png
S2e16 Happy to be back.png
S2e16 The Prank.png
S2e16 Prank4.png
S2e16 I don't deserve this.png
===[[Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future]]===
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S2e17 just in time.png
S2e17 not gonna be here.png
S2e17 no guests.png
S2e17 group hug.png
S2e17 not the time Marius.png
S2e17 needing emotional backup.png
===[[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]===
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S2e18 Watching.png
S2e18 watching back.png
S2e18 watching town2.png
S2e18 mayor steps up.png
S2e18 get out.png
S2e18 weird.png
S2e18 out of towners.png
S2e18 Bill zaps.png
===[[Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]===
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S2e19 stan the resistance chef.jpg
S2e19 something I miss.jpg
===[[Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls]]===
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S2e20 ready to defend.png
S2e20 Stan shocked.png
S2e20 Stan arms open.png
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S2e20 glomp hugs.png
S2e20 Stan stands up.png
S2e20 hug over.png
S2e20 happy Waddles.png
S2e20 missed you.png
S2e20 potato sack Pacifica.png
S2e20 even in a potato sack.png
S2e20 still look better than you.png
S2e20 refugees continue muttering.png
S2e20 McGucket and Candy.png
S2e20 eager Mabel.png
S2e20 won't be used for evil.png
S2e20 excited faces.png
S2e20 the dinosaur is back.png
S2e20 campfire.png
S2e20 best day.png
S2e20 who cares if its end of the world.png
S2e20 a chance to beat Bill.png
S2e20 refugees ready to fight.png
S2e20 alright fellas.png
S2e20 hope this turns out better.png
S2e20 Mabel stands up.png
S2e20 Dipper now!.png
S2e20 all ready but Stan.png
S2e20 this was a bad idea.png
S2e20 like we planned.png
S2e20 Dipper at the wheel.png
S2e20 Candy serious.png
S2e20 Candy punch.png
S2e20 everyone off balance.png
S2e20 looming demons.png
S2e20 Paci-Fire and Pyronica.png
S2e20 goodbye Paci-Fire.png
S2e20 goodbye Pyronica.png
S2e20 goodbye Teeth.png
S2e20 around the cake.png
S2e20 Crowd cheering at party.png
S2e20 Do you really have to go.png
S2e20 Dippers 3 and 4.png
S2e20 credits photobooth1.png
S2e20 credits photobooth2.png
S2e20 credits photobooth3.png
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Season 1

Double Dipper

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Carpet Diem

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Boyz Crazy

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Gideon Rises


Mabel's Guide to Fashion

Mabel's Guide to Color

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Sock Opera

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Blendin's Game

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The Love God

Northwest Mansion Mystery

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