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Calling All Boys: Preteen Edition is a board game aimed at young girls, in which players pretend to call boys. Mabel Pines, Candy Chiu, and Grenda play it at their sleepover in "Carpet Diem."


The board is pink with spaces of various colors, predominantly turquoise and various shades of red, and a turquoise rotary phone with a lavender base and chord, pink heart-shaped and circular lights, and a pale pink and white center. The telephone is light turquoise with a pink heart in the middle of it.

Game play

After a player rolls the pair of dice, she moves her pieces the respective number of spaces. On some instances, a "dream boy" card may be drawn, and the player may receive a romantic call from a robotic-voiced boy (example: "My beach house has room for two").


Season 1


  • Calling All Boys is a parody of "Girl Talk," which was a popular board game in the mid-90's.

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