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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

Call Me Mabel is a parody song produced by Disney Animation Television for Disney Channel, featuring Mabel Pines.


Mabel is looking for some summer romance! Any takers? Anyone? No seriously, anyone.... Check out Mabel from Gravity Falls singing "Call Me Mabel," a parody from Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe!"


Call Me Mabel is a part of Disney Channel's "Broken Karaoke" series on Television and YouTube were different characters from various Disney shows sing parodies of iconic pop songs.

Disney announced on September 23, 2020 that the 6th video in the Broken Karaoke series would be featuring Mabel from Gravity Falls.

The video was uploaded on the September 25, 2020 and was the first original Gravity Falls content made by Disney Television Animation since early 2016 when the episode "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls" was being produced.

Kristen Schaal, who voiced Mabel in the series, reprised her role as Mabel as she sung the lyrics for this video.


Alright Mabel, you got this.

What can I say about me?
I love rainbows and piggies
My hair, it flows in the breeze!
As I look for romance
A merman left me for home
Crushed on a guy made of gnomes
Not spending summer alone
So let's go out and dance

I am a go-getter
Headband, rainbow sweater
Send me a love letter
Make it out to Mabel, baby!

I haven't met you
But if you're stable
Then here's my number
And call me Mabel

I'm all about that
Sweet girlfriend label
So don't be shy now
And call me Mabel

I'm into vampires
Creatures of fable
If that describes you
Then call me Mabel

I would be more chill
But I’m unable!
Should we get married?
Hi Mr. Mabel!

(Spoken): Alright, we’re doing the whole song people. Stay with me!

Check out my brother’s weird book
And this here grappling hook
I'm not Grunkle Stan, he's a crook
But I will steal your heart

I love the thrill of the chase
I ignore personal space
(I’ll stand too close to your face)
I hope we never part

I am not a quitter
Pocket full of glitter
Yarn balls, I’m a knitter
I’m the total package baby!

I’ve got the love bug
And it is fatal
So quit your waiting
And call me Mabel
I’ll be your cream cheese
You’ll be my bagel
Did that get weird now?
Just call me Mabel

If you are hunky
Like Clark Gable
Whoever that is
Then call me Mabel

I’m out of words that
Rhyme with Mabel
I know you’re out there
So call me Mabel

Before you call me meet my pig
His name is Waddles
Because he waddles
He loves to wa-waddle''

(Spoken:) Thank you, this song goes out to literally ANY BOY! I am DIGGITY desperate.
Except Gideon, gross. This girl’s got standards. Here’s my number!
It’s the number 13, it’s my favorite number. Call it! Hey, is that a gnome I see
in the crowd? Hit the road creep! Haha, just kiddin’ you guys are alright.
Hey do we have the rights to this?


  • The song is a parody of Call Me Maybe from Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • The song was animated by storyboard artist Ariel VH and Gino Guzzardo. Ariel uploaded the animatic to her YouTube Channel a short while after the song was released. [1]
  • Ariel VH also confirmed on Twitter that the whole project was official, including getting approval/input from Alex Hirsch.[2]
  • Alex Hirsch only reply on the song was a reaction on Kristen Schaal saying: ''You’re the best!! Always such a seratonin boost to hear your voice.''
  • As Kristen Schaal reprised her role as Mabel for the song, this technically makes Call Me Mabel the most recent appearance of Mabel and in turn any Gravity Falls character in new content for the show.
  • The first time Mabel says "I haven't met you" the subtitles on the screen say "And call me Mabel!".


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Additional Broken Karaoke Appearances[]

Although this remains the sole Broken Karaoke song sung by a Gravity Falls character, other characters including Mabel have appeared in the backgrounds of others. Soos appeared in a joint Big City Greens and Amphibia Broken Karaoke on sidekicks, Mabel appeared in a High School Musical parody for Big City Greens and Bill Cipher appeared in an Amphibia parody song for I'm Finally Me. Due to neither Alex Hirsch or Kristen Schaal returning to voice them, they only appear in the songs but don't sing or contribute lines.


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