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Cackling skulls are plastic skulls that tell corny jokes when they are pressed upon. They are sold at the Summerween Superstore and require two AA Bat-eries to work. Soos Ramirez has a tendency to push them to make them cackle and talk.


They are first seen in the real world game Fright Night as oddities that Dipper and Mabel Pines can pick up for the Mystery Shack.

Later, in "Summerween," they appear as merchandise at the Summerween Superstore. The twins run past them, while Soos incessantly pushes them, as he finds the jokes they say (such as: "I'd lend you a hand, but I don't seem to have any!" and "No matter the score, I'm always a-head!") to be hilarious, and thereby irritates the Summerween Superstore worker.

After Soos crashes his truck into the store while he, Dipper, Candy, Mabel, and Grenda flee from the Summerween Trickster, he blows his cover when he replaces the batteries in one of the skulls so he could get some "levity." The monster then eats him as a result.


Season 1



"No matter the score, I'm always a-head!"

"I'd lend you a hand, but I don't seem to have any!"



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