Burrito Bites are a snack food manufactured by Nyums, the same company that produces Smile Dip and Gummy Koalas.


In "Dreamscaperers," after seeing Gideon summon Bill CipherMabel and Soos quickly go to warn Dipper of his presence, but not before stopping at a store to get a bag of the snack food. When the three plan on going into Stan's mind, Soos asks if he should bring them with him. He decides he will, but is not seen with them afterward.


The bag is mostly orange with some yellow. The name, "Burrito Bites," is located near the middle of the bag, "Burrito" in white lettering and "Bites" in red, below the Nyums brand name and above an image of two Burrito Bites. The Burrito Bites themselves, as the name suggests, look like tiny burritos.


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