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|employees =
|employees =
|address =
|address =
|first = [[Tourist Trapped]] (outside), [[Into the Bunker]]
|first = [[Tourist Trapped]] (Exterior)
[[Into the Bunker]]
|last = [[Into the Bunker]]
|last = [[Into the Bunker]]
|times = 1
|times = 1

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The bunker is an underground location the author of journals 1, 2, and 3 used as a hideaway. He conducted experiments there and kept the Shape Shifter locked away in cryogenic stasis until it escaped.


The bunker is the secret hideaway the author used to prepare for the end. The end of what, remains unknown.


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S2e2 tree

The lever activated.

  • Entrance-

The tree used to enter the bunker is located in the Gravity Falls forest. The bunker can be reached by pulling a lever disguised as a branch, which opens a hole with stairs that leads to the bunker.

The stairs lead to a small room with weapons, food stock, and Spez Dispensers. After lifting up a poster, There is a small hallway leading to another small room. If you step on the middle tile, the room begins closing in. If you press 4 different symbols, a wall opens and you can then go to an even smaller room with surveillance cameras into a computer. After entering a closet and going through decontamination, you can enter a new cave, which is vast and doesn't have any known entrances. All it holds is a freezing/shape shifting machine.

  • Sleep quarters -
  • Security room -
  • Observation deck -
  • Hidden lab -


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