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The British dog man is a being from Soos' nightmares, brought to life by Bill Cipher in Stan's mindscape.


In "Dreamscaperers," after Bill Cipher establishes an arena shaped like Stan's head for Mabel, Soos, Xyler, and Craz to fight him upon, Soos unwittingly speaks about one of his nightmares, a "British dog man." This slip of the tongue leads Bill to create the dog man, who quickly decides to hit Soos repeatedly in the stomach with his walking cane. However, when Dipper comes along to help them in the fight against Bill, he destroys the dog man instantly with laser beams from his eyes.


The dog man is an English Bulldog who wears a brown bowler hat, a brown suit, a light green tie, and a monocle on his right eye. He walks upright, like a human, and carries a walking cane. He speaks with a thick and stereotypical British accent.


Season 1

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