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Who's that pokemon Gravity Falls character?! For this game, I will post a picture of the silhouette of a character, and you have to guess who it is. You have 1 minute to guess who the character is before I post who it is. There will be ~1-2 minutes in between each round. Game starts at 9pm EST and will go on until 10pm EST at the earliest. This game will be played on this forum thread, and your guesses are made as comments below. The same character may appear more than once. Good luck!

Kryptos appearance

Round 1- It's Kryptos

Franz appearance

Round 2- It's Franz

Woodpecker's husband appearance

Round 3- It's the woodpecker's husband

Tambry appearance

Round 4- It's Tambry

Dipper Pines appearance

Round 6- It's Dipper

Old Man McGucket appearance

Round 7- It's Old Man McGucket

Emma Sue appearance

Round 8- It's Emma Sue

Quentin Trembley appearance

Round 9- it's Quentin Trembley

Multi-Bear appearance

Round 10- It's the Multibear

Bud Gleeful appearance

Round 11- It's Bud Gleeful

Pitt Cola appearance

Round 12- It's Pitt Cola

Paper Jam Dipper appearance

Round 13- It's Paper Jam Dipper

Amorphous Shape appearance

Round 14- It's Amorphous Shape

Pacifica Northwest appearance

Round 15- It's Pacifica

S1e18 - Waddles - Transparent

Round 16- It's Waddles

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