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Mr Creeper500 wrote:

YourDescoleFangirl wrote:

Mr Creeper500 wrote:

YourDescoleFangirl wrote:

Mr Creeper500 wrote:

Darthwatch7 I haven't seen PK be rude, or abuse power, and i believe he is a good admin. So i oppose his demotion. 

The rudeness happened on another wiki where he is an admin, he called a user out on being banned here.

Why are you bringing other wiki problems here?

There's a rule in this wiki's policy stating you're not allowed to bully users, even if it's on different wikis.

And Ditto, here is your proof:

[05:45:56] [CHAT] Sandgar: Hi ThePK [05:45:57] [CHAT] MechaKingGhidorah789: im patient [05:45:58] [CHAT] Arbitrary Labby: [05:45:59] [CHAT] MechaKingGhidorah789: ssort of [05:46:00] [CHAT] Link the crystalhog: *suprise energy bomb toss* [05:46:00] [CHAT] Arbitrary Labby: how I woke up [05:46:10] [CHAT] Link the crystalhog: revenge! [05:46:11] [CHAT] ThePK: o/ Sandgar [05:46:16] [CHAT] ThePK: a user banned from the GF wiki [05:46:21] [CHAT] ThePK: what are you doing here? [05:46:29] [CHAT] Sandgar: Wow [05:46:38] [CHAT] Hyper EGO: You were banned from the GF wiki? [05:46:41] [CHAT] Kid Danger (Henry Danger): what GF wiki [05:46:42] [CHAT] Hyper EGO: Congrats man [05:46:43] [CHAT] *TheMagicalWizard*: shots fired, PK [05:46:46] [CHAT] Lenhi: Stop [05:46:53] [CHAT] Sandgar: Thanms lenhi [05:47:00] [CHAT] Sandgar: I come here to contribute

That can also be found here, so please refrain from accusing users of lying in the future without proof of your own.

How is that being rude? ThePK just said that Sandgar got banned from this wiki.

It wasn't called for since all he did at that point was join chat, and ThePK even got warned by another admin for it, seeing as it counts a singling out.

As Lenhi, the admin in question, said on this thread he wasn't warning me. So I'm not sure how that argument works Mr Creeper500.

About this me attacking Sandgar situation, I'm really not sure where this story comes from. I know that Terri said this user wanted to remain anonymous but I don't see any proof that this ever happened. As far as I'm concerned it didn't happen- and if evidence is presented I'm sure whatever the situation was was just a misunderstanding.

I talked about the ConMod situation with Peace yesterday, she wasn't sure whether or not we had discussed the situation before it happened or not. She also said that she may have forgotten our conversation about it before she talked to terri about it.

Anyways, I just want to thank other people on this thread for their continued support. I hope that we can all move past this drama and I look forward to a great summer on the wiki.

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