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Ra-pocky wrote: A little off topic, but why doesn't Bill just create a body?

Obviously he would have to posses someone during the time period that the body was being made, but (as silly as it is) I receantly read a fanfiction where that idea was used. Alchemy, I believe. (Not refering to the anime of course.)

Emample of the use and theory of Alchemy is the homunculus, which could work, since Bill is kind of small already.

This way he wouldn't need to worry about being pushed out by the bodies' original conscious. Because there wouldn't be one. But then again I'm no Alchemy expert nor do I perticularly know that much about it, so my idea might be all nul and void.

As a side note: If anyone is going to be possed then the first shall be Gideon.

From then on it's uncharted waters.

But I wonder why the symbols connected to certain characters are even on the wheel... Unless it has something to do with the portal...

Bill can't create anything in the real world, only the mindscape, so he needs to possess someone.

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