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Thesweetestvictory wrote:
Bill Cipher100 wrote:
i think the baby in the Tale Of Two Stans is not shermy but Shermys kid aka dippers and mabels dad,...

I agree with you. I have a theory I use when I want to write a Gravity Fall's story.

Sherman "Shermy" Pines was born seven year before the twins and left the house à sixteen (when the stans were 9) because he didn't get along too well wih  their parents (the father being a jerk and the mother a pathological liar). He found a job, married and had a child. Unfortunately, soon after the birth of his son, he was sent to fight in Vietnam and died. His wife, needing help to take care of her child, contacted her step-parents and asked them to babysit him when she was at work, which explains why the baby, mable and dipper's father; was there durng the fight between his two uncles. 

Interesting theory, but I'm going to have to disagree because of Ford's reaction in the second episode he appears in. Stan says Mabel a nd Dipper are Shermie's grandkids, and Ford is shocked and delighted, saying, "I have a niece and nephew?" Not "a grand niece and grand nephew". Just niece and nephew. As if he's never had one before. I think Alex just screwed up the timeline. The code in Lost Legends seems to suggest it was a timeline error as well.

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