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I kind of hope that he will because he's my favorite antagonist in the show. To be honest, I think he's actually somewhat of evil genius. I mean, think about it, he's only 9 years old, and yet he could control other people by using a mystical amulet that he had found (before Mabel destroyed it), took the magic shrinking from the twins, used it to shrink them, and to almost shrink Grunkle Stan (but he was defeated when the twins tickled him, used the flashlight to re-grow themselves after Grunkle Stan litterally kicked Gideon out of the Shack, and then destroyed the crystal), was able to summon Bill and try have him break into Grunkle Stan's mind and steal the combination to the safe that contained the deed to the Shack, and once Bill failed Gideon, Gideon took matters into his own hands by blowing up the safe with dynamite and stole the deed, AND THEN in the following episode he used his Gideon bot to chase after Dipper and Mabel to try and find out where Journal #1 was, (although by the end he was exposed as a fraud and then arrested).

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