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Thevoidmansavatar Thevoidmansavatar 6 June

bills message to the lucky

ll'I eb dalg ot hsinif ym nalp no loopdaed sv EM!


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Kaosthedemonking Kaosthedemonking 21 April


A blog cataloguing all dreams featuring the demon Bill cipher leading up to the Book of bill release if you have had any recent bill dreams please describe them in the chat below

a week ago I had a dream Bill was living in my house forming a resistance to battle the zombie hoards

around a day ago user Flokalyalphabet123 had a dream where Bill ate some goats

another user Computerait had a dream about Bill chanting the book of bill release date

today (20th of April) I had a dream the Book of Bill came out and then Bill showed up and it was a whole thing

more will be added soon

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Kaosthedemonking Kaosthedemonking 6 April


so this is my first blog and my plan is every week or so I am just gonna add a new random image I find in my library. Why? idk I just feel like it

without further adieu come one and alll to see the first random image

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GreenTheBest GreenTheBest 9 February



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Am i the only one who realized there was ZERO interactive maps?

I was looking around here and pressed Interactive maps, and found out there was ZERO?!?! I created one now anyways.

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ThemysteryME ThemysteryME 20 January


its real...................................................................................................................

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X-OvrLuvr X-OvrLuvr 30 August 2023

Dipper and Wendy's Relationship

There are several hints in the Gravity Falls series, even among fans, that there will be a relationship between Dipper Pines and Wendy Corduroy. However, as shown in "Into the Bunker" and every episode since, that Wendy would prefer a friendship as she is too old for him.

  • 1 Season 1
    • 1.1 Tourist Trapped
    • 1.2 Headhunters
    • 1.3 The Inconveniencing
    • 1.4 Double Dipper
    • 1.5 The Time Traveler's Pig
    • 1.6 Fight Fighters
    • 1.7 Summerween
    • 1.8 Boss Mabel
    • 1.9 The Deep End
    • 1.10 Boyz Crazy
    • 1.11 Gideon Rises
  • 2 Shorts
    • 2.1 Fixin' It with Soos: Golf Cart
    • 2.2 Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo
  • 3 Season 2
    • 3.1 Scary-oke
    • 3.2 Into the Bunker
    • 3.3 Sock Opera
    • 3.4 Society of the Blind Eye
    • 3.5 Blendin's Game
    • 3.6 The Love God
    • 3.7 The Stanchurian Candidate
    • 3.8 Roadside Attraction
    • 3.9 Weirdmageddon Part 1
    • 3.10 Weirdmageddon 2: Escape…

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Braelin3726011 Braelin3726011 25 August 2023

What if Grenda is pretending to be a girl

Because of the voice

Grenda loves breaking things

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Yesyes1209 Yesyes1209 28 June 2023

I'm looking for something

Howdy, Does anyone know of any group working on making fan episodes or remasters of original episodes?

I want to help if possible. I am not a artist, but I can work as a writer/beta-reader on the script, and if you want to, you can use my voice and any of the voices I can pull off. I will work at the incredible rate of $0/hour, but College and work will take priority. fortunately, I won't get busy until the end of summer.

Until then, I'll be watching you! I'LL BE WATCHING YOU!

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CandyChiuFan2004 CandyChiuFan2004 17 June 2023

I got something to tell you.

  • 1 Tell Alex Hirsch to make "The Candy Chiu Show"
    • 1.1 Pilot
      • 1.1.1 Unnamed pilot
    • 1.2 Episodes of Season 1
      • 1.2.1 1. The Lime Cola
      • 1.2.2 2. Candy Doing Math
      • 1.2.3 3. Pen Girls
        • Error
      • 1.2.4 4. Music Camp
      • 1.2.5 5. Candy's Favorite Park
        • Error
    • 1.3 Theme song
    • 1.4 Candy's parents names
    • 1.5 Last thing to tell you.

Candy sees the commercial The New Pitt Cola Lime and Candy's parents to take her to Greasy's Diner with Grenda. Candy, Grenda and Candy's parents ordered pancakes and with a new Pitt Cola Lime drink because Candy’s parents are out of breakfast. and Candy Chiu likes the Pitt Cola Lime because it tastes good.

Candy Chiu is doing math at 6th grade and gets a A+.

Mabel Pines is being pen pals with Candy Chiu because Mabel Pines moved to Piedmont, California

I …

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Braelin71116 Braelin71116 14 June 2023

Candy Chiu (My Version)

My version she is a girl he is a boy. She is smart. She reminds me of John Gandee.

He has a Chinese accent.

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Theshinyodds Theshinyodds 9 June 2023

Hello welcome to the show

Hi how are you I am Logan and the new coolest person here

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DaYaku-Nerd DaYaku-Nerd 22 July 2023

About myself


HAH! you thought go to my profile to know abt me

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OwlphibiaFallsFan OwlphibiaFallsFan 7 May 2023

Favorite show results (sixth to third place)

Third: Phineas and Ferb

Forth: Amphibia

Fifth: Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Sixth Place: DuckTales

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Ozone1995 5 Ozone1995 5 26 April 2023

Kristen Schaal voices

Kristen Schaal voices are from Gravity Falls and Bob's Burgers

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OwlphibiaFallsFan OwlphibiaFallsFan 16 April 2023


People who fall into this category:

Mabel Pines

Bill Cipher


Marcy Wu

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Ozone1995 Ozone1995 14 April 2023

Is Gravity Falls a smart show?

No! It really isn't

Gravity Falls is not a sleeping town at day! It a sleeping town at night!

Mabel saying to the goat Yes! You can keep chewing on my sweater! You can’t do that!

You can't Mabel putting glitter on pizza! That is not a ingredient! That is a dumb thing to do!

and night an owl tried to eat Dippers tongue and Mabel is being stupid saying “That’s great!” But it’s not great this is impossible to live with it!

Mabel Pines is a real dummy!

The concept pilot 2009-2010 is “The Dumber Family”

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Ozone1995 Ozone1995 30 March 2023


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Fan-of-things-like-GF Fan-of-things-like-GF 25 March 2023

Me rambling about random things

Hello, my name is Fae (not really) and the pronouns of the day are She/They!!

I love these things, in order:

  1. Gravity Falls (GF)
  2. Antssss
  3. Hatsune Miku + others

So I'll mostly be talking about them.



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RedBallFire RedBallFire 21 February 2023

Something I always wanted to do

I always wanted to do this since I became admin (especially more since I became Bureaucrat) here on Gravity Falls Wiki, and well, I finally did it as my first blog post here.

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KittenLover16 KittenLover16 21 January 2023


This is my blog

But, being an introvert I'm not going to put anything here. Your welcome!

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Charlesyaywow Charlesyaywow 28 December 2022



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Bradley Hauer Bradley Hauer 30 November 2022

Gravity Falls sequel/fanfic/thing pt. 6: It's Smile Away

We see the sky all gray, clouds all gray, and the sun all gone. We then pan over to the Smile Away Reformatory School, while we hear Underground by Tom Waits play in the background.

(The Smile Away Reformatory School Sergeant then enters the scene, and talking to the other villains)

S.A.R.S. Sergeant: Okay, listen up, maggots! We are all here because Bill Cipher told us to take care of that meddling Bradley Hauer Clan.

The Forever Train Conductor: Uh, who's Bill Cipher?

Mrs. Mavilda: And who is the Bradley Hauer Clan?

S.A.R.S. Sergeant: (shows them a photo of Bill Cipher and the Bradley Hauer Clan)

The Smile Away Reformatory Group: Ohhhhhhhh...them! Oh, okay, I get it now!

S.A.R.S. Sergeant: As I was saying, we are all here because Bill Cipher to…

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Bradley Hauer Bradley Hauer 28 November 2022

Gravity Falls sequel/fanfic/thing pt. 5: Introducing the Bradley Hauer Clan/Bill Cipher's Next Plan

(NOTE: This transcript is the whole part)

Me: Hello fellow viewers! I am Quasimodo's master of imagination and comedy, the pleaser of crowds, protector of the multiverse, Jack Hauer! Remember the name well. (laughs) You know, saving the multiverse isn’t the easiest task. Most villains I'll have to face are very powerful, especially Bill Cipher, and I am just a 13-year old. But fortunately I don’t save the multiverse solo, I have a team of characters beside me that can help me with saving the multiverse together. Introducing...THE BRADLEY HAUER CLAN! (Also, the person at the end of the vid I linked is me.)

(We then see Bill Cipher break his crystal ball, which shows Bill the announcement of my clan)

Evil Morty: Hey! That cost …

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Bradley Hauer Bradley Hauer 28 November 2022

Gravity Falls sequel/fanfic/thing pt. 4: At Dice's Casino

We see a bunch of landscapes of various locations from tons of cartoons, we then cut to Gordon pulling the Express, and then we see inside the coaches.

(This transcript is the rest of part, BTW)

Dan Backslide: There I was! Warner Bros. Discovery and The Darkness was looking for me with intent to consume me and delete me from existence. However, I managed to use a guy who looks just like me named Snively Whiplash to take my place. I escaped the Warner Bros. Discovery purge, and NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW! The end!

Dipper Pines: That was such a funny and amazing story, and brilliantly told, by the way! I swear, Dan, you make up the best stories.

Dan Backslide: That one actually happened!

CD-i Zelda: That was still a good story nonetheless.

Ignatius Mo…

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Bradley Hauer Bradley Hauer 20 November 2022

Gravity Falls sequel/fanfic/thing pt. 3: The Magic Encounter and Redemption of I. M. Meen

(This transcript is the part, BTW)

Me, Gordon, Dipper and Mabel: (scream in terror)

Me: (in terrified voice) Y-y-y-y-YOU!

I. M. Meen: Did you bookworms miss me?

Dipper: Hardly! You kidnapped dozens of kids and sucked them in your labyrinth!

Mabel: Just get the heck out of here and leave us be, you perverted old man!

I. M. Meen: Calm down you guys, all of that villainy was because of my terrible childhood! I am here because I want to join you bookworms and help you take down Bill Cipher as you see, I have changed!

Me: You? Changed? You want to help us? (laughs) You serious?

I. M. Meen: I am serio-

Me: NEVER! You’ve ruined too many kids’ lives to join us!

I. M. Meen: Please, give me a chance to join you guys to prove I have changed! Just hear me out f…

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Bradley Hauer Bradley Hauer 20 November 2022

Gravity Falls sequel/fanfic/thing pt. 2: Bill's return/Dipper and Mabel's 1st encounter with Jack

It had been 1 year since Dipper and Mabel went to Gravity Falls for their summer. And now they had returned for a new mystery-filled adventure, but everything was a little off.

Ford and Stan left to have adventures and Soos was a super incompetent head at the Shack, and there were no mysteries for the Pines twins to solve, until one faithful night....where Dipper and Mabel's life changed forever.

It was June 1st, the day was mostly boring, until 6:00pm when Dipper and Mabel heard the noise of an angry mob chanting "Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!" and a buncha pirates chanting "Yohoho and a bottle of rum!". The siblings then looked outside the window. They saw Bill Cipher. But how could it be? He was dead? But Bill was there, with a buncha …

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Bradley Hauer Bradley Hauer 19 November 2022

Gravity Falls sequel/fanfic/thing pt. 1: A Weird Dispositon

This is copied from discussions, but due to rules, I have to put it here.

We now cut to the Fear-amid, we see a close-up of Bill Cipher’s face.

(NOTE: This script is the rest of the story)

Bill Cipher: Hey kids, it’s me, Bill Cipher! I’m just sitting here enjoying a nice bowl of soup, WHOA! Waiter, there’s a Bill Cipher in my soup!

Mini Bill Cipher: Hey, stop drinking my pool!

Bill Cipher: Well, darn it, I can’t drink this! I guess I’ll need to find something else to have for dinner. Hmmmmmm….(people are screaming in the background) I know! I’ll order a Pizza! (grabs phone) Hello? Is this Pizza?

Bill Cipher the Pizza guy: No, this is a telephone.

Bill Cipher: Well I beg to differ, let’s dig in shall we? (opens Pizza box) Wait a second, this isn’t…

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Tallcakes Tallcakes 14 November 2022

Tally’s Adventures in Gravity Falls: Chapter 1

Hello! This is copied from discussions, but due to rules, it has to be here. So, here’s chapter 1 of my fanfic.

Chapter 1: The Beginnings

Tally looked at her calendar. The day was almost there. Tomorrow, she would move: move to Gravity Falls! She’d been eagerly waiting for this day for the past 3 months, and she had already packed up some of her things, and sold others. She opened a box, with all her treasured Bill Cipher merchandise. Bill Cipher was her favorite. “Night, Bill!” She said, excitedly. “Tomorrow, you’ll be in Gravity Falls, where it all started. For us, at least.” She got ready, and went to bed.

Tally woke up. It was time. She made sure she had everything. When she was sure that it was all packed, she helped the driver of the mo…

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Lighty29 Lighty29 9 November 2022


my name´s Lighty. im 20 years old,and I have aspurger´s syndrome (high functioning autism)

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Ella Alegria Ella Alegria 6 November 2022

Gravity Falls:Lost and Found

 Today's the day! Finally StarShadow could stop working,and stressing all over her fans. StarShadow was a very famous Youtuber in her world with over Trillions of subscribers! She and her friends were about to go to the beach when Inky came and busted the door open. "Guys! There's something you need to know." Inky said. "What is it?" StarShadow said annoyed. StarShadows always annoyed when Inky comes around. "There's this big weird crack in the middle of town. Everyone's freaking out about it." Inky said. "Well,how big is the crack?" StarShadow asked. "REALLY BIG to the point where someone could fall in and die."Inky replied. "Ok I'll call Bill to see if he can do something about it. Until then, stay away from me. I've been planning on a …

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Hlabbe27 Hlabbe27 4 November 2022

Listen up y’all

This page is for bill cipher

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Mandela sheep Mandela sheep 27 October 2022

Yo Loser's, we're going shopping for TMC posters.

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Sproutfroggy111 Sproutfroggy111 8 September 2022

Gravity Falls Next Generation

Welcome to my blog. A couple of things, first of all, this Fanon was created by TurquoiseGirl35. She did all of the comics, art, and characters. This is kinda just a info thing about her characters. You should check TurquioseGirl35 out on YouTube and DeviantArt. (TurquoiseSpace on YouTube) There are 2 versions of this Fanon, the old version, and the rebooted new version. I use the new version.

Please do not make fun of this Fanon, or say rude and inappropriate things about this Fanon. If you disagree with something, please tell me or others nicely. I don't want people saying a certain ship is better. It is totally okay to say you prefer something, or ship something though. Also, if there are any spelling errors, please tell me. Anyways, …

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TyroneGF78 TyroneGF78 4 September 2022

Time pirates curse

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Belmontbelmontbelmont Belmontbelmontbelmont 19 July 2022



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NhanTNTAlt NhanTNTAlt 17 July 2022

My favorite episodes

Y'know what, although I think that no one would ever come here, but I think I've got some things to do in my free time, eh?

  1. Not What He Seems. There are several reasons for this, but this is a very interesting episode. It solved a lot of mysteries and possibly, theories. I watched this once, and I will do it again. And again. For a few years?
  2. Dreamscaperers. Fun fact, the zodiac in the intro was never meant to be something to take seriously. It was just random symbols from the first 7 episodes, and Alex just accidentally dropped a Dorito piece in the center. Just kidding!
  3. A Tale Of Two Stans. Imagine if someone heard of this without any context in 2022? Heh.
  4. Weirdmageddon Part 1. Welcome, one and all, to Xpcveaoqfoxso, or something.
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Stevenmbrun Stevenmbrun 28 June 2022

Social Media Influences Customer-Buying Habits

It is no secret that the two main social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, are influencing not only the way we communicate and connect but make decisions. Is it possible that social media is transforming our decision-making and even information seeking abilities? Absolutely! According to Chadwick Martin Bailey, the author of a recent study in connection with iModerate Research Technologies, discovered that consumers are “67% more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter, and 51% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Facebook.” These facts and figures are important due to the implications for corporations and companies having an online presence.

Considering, companies that take the time to devote resources and attention to …

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Michaelvvmoreno Michaelvvmoreno 19 June 2022

For suffering, for death - I know - All the same: I accept you!

A quiet town not on the maps, a summer vacation before high school, strange discoveries, mystical epiphanies and hot summer nights, and most importantly, twins-already almost teenagers! - Mabel and Dipper Pines (judging by the last name, part of the scenic forest that borders the town). "Diana, 11:30 a.m., Feb. 24..." - yes, from about this series, Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls are close even geographically -- the American Northwest, which is pointed out as subtly as the last name of the protagonists by the generic name of the town's textbook richest and most influential family. In our post-truth-bleached era, the attributes that Alex Hirsch's series possesses on the fabulist and thematic levels foreshadow its way of ironically deconstructi…

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TheCollectorOfStars TheCollectorOfStars 29 June 2022

Goodbye (for now)

I have to go see my mom in 2 days, Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE!

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Justanormalcatofficial Justanormalcatofficial 25 March 2022

Lilith's lucky day

Lillith Gleeful is a stubborn girl, after growing tired of her family, she steps outside into the woods and everything changes...

Lillith Gleeful was watching Gideon being a complete show-off again. She muttered "stupid nine year old" under her breath and went outside. She noticed a flower and went to pick it up. She went into the forest, thinking she would find something to paint a picture of. She ended up stumbling apon a small abandoned barn. She decided to step inside to see if they was anything intresting. She found two cats laid down. One was a solid grey cat with blue eyes, she had noticed Lillith first. The other cat looked younger, a small ginger tabby with pink-ish eyes. The grey cat looked at Lillith calmly while the tabby hi…

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Beeficecream Beeficecream 24 March 2022

The Mabel Juice Excursion

So I tried to create Mabel Juice last week. I went to Walmart and purchased a variety of energy drinks and put them together. Unfortunately, I don't have plastic dinosaurs, so I used plastic dragons instead. So here is my recipe. It was very sweet, but I think if you like energy drinks you'll like this. It had 87 grams of caffeine per cup, which is honestly not very much, but the sugar content was off the charts.

  • Rainbow Unicorn Bang!
  • Rockstar- the mable-est flavour you can find!
  • Monster- ditto
  • Sunkist pink lemonade
  • Ice
  • I threw in some pink lemonade powder for fun, but I wouldn't do it again.

Chuck it all in a blender! Don't blend it, cuz the carbonation might do weird things.

OR blend ice very finely and pour the M. J. on top. Bury a plastic drag…

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BobSkekStonkTheSteveThe III BobSkekStonkTheSteveThe III 22 March 2022

Hi guys! I am new here.

HI GFalls fans! i am the bggest fan of the show and books. Soon i will have journal.

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Ljcook14 Ljcook14 21 March 2022

Is bill a male

me slowly

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Khobraariyadh Khobraariyadh 9 March 2022

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HaroldHChambers HaroldHChambers 7 February 2022

Argumentation Persuasion Essay

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Do not be afraid!

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Anyone know how to deal with demons?

So, Heh umm Bill Cipher is coming for me because I punched him in the eye in one of my dreams? Help?

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SliceofPurple SliceofPurple 30 December 2021

gravity falls headcanons

  • 1 dipper
  • 2 mabel
  • 3 wendy
  • 4 stan
  • 5 ford
  • 6 pacifica







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Theasexualdoodles Theasexualdoodles 22 November 2021

Gravity Falls OC wiki is up!


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Phoenix The Freak Phoenix The Freak 21 November 2023

so...... this happened

Chapter 1: Stardust

I was walking through the woods as I usually do to visit my friends Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and of course, Soos! I always visit, especially after something weird happens. Weird things have actually been happening all week! I keep hearing noises in the bushes around me. I always feel like I’m being watched. The twins apparently have another great uncle that just came through a portal in their basement that was created by their first great uncle to save his twin! Plus, a one-eyed yellow glowing dorito randomly appeared in my treehouse one day claiming to be my father!!! I know the only person I could actually trust to tell all this to is Dipper, because he’s my closest friend, very good at keeping secrets (sometimes), and he…

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