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[[Toby Determined]]
*[[Toby Determined]]
[[Bud Gleeful]]
*[[Bud Gleeful]]
*[[Woodpecker's husband]]

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The Blind Eye Society is a secret society operating in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


S2e3 hermanos brothers

Blindeye graffiti on a wall.

The Blindeye Society is first mentioned in a cryptogram in the video game Rumble's Revenge, in which Bill Cipher alludes to the existence of a secret society within the town. The society is again referenced in a cryptogram in "Gideon Rises," which reads "SEARCH FOR THE BLINDEYE" when decoded.

Later, in both "The Golf War" and "Soos and the Real Girl," the symbol of the society, a crossed-out eye, is shown grafitied on both a wall and a dumpster, respectively.

The Blindeye Society makes its physical debut in "Society of the Blind Eye."



Season 1

Season 2




  • Numerous allusions to the society are made before its physical debut:
  • Numerous symbols associated with the society have led many fans to believe it will have somewhat the same structure and concept of the infamous Illuminati because of their vast similarities 

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