Billy's mother is a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

Billy's mother appears among the tourists at the Mystery Shack in "Boss Mabel." She angrily takes a refund after Billy is injured by Wendy's friends when they accidentally hit him in the face with a shrunken head, giving him a black eye and causing him to cry. She then storms out angrily with her son.


She walks down the street and passes Old Man McGucket as Mabel looks for a fashion challenge in "Mabel's Guide to Fashion."

Season 2

She is seen among the audience for Mabel's sock puppet show in "Sock Opera."

She is seen at Gravity Malls in "Soos and the Real Girl."


Little is known about her personality, though she seems easily angered and cares about her son's appearance.


Billy's mother appearance

She has light brown hair with an orange headband. She wears an orange tank top, olive-brown shorts, brown socks, and brown flats. She wears small green earrings.


Season 1


Season 2


"Billy! Your face, it's ruined!"
—Billy's mother aids Billy after he has been injured.[source]


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