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Billy is a child residing in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

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Billy appears among the tourists at the Mystery Shack in "Boss Mabel." He plays with a box in the gift shop until Wendy's friends accidentally hit him in the face with a shrunken head, giving him a black eye and causing him to cry. His mother quickly arrives, angrily seeks a refund upon seeing Billy's injury, and leaves with her son.


He is seen in the audience watching the film "Pony Heist" in "Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie," and laughs at Mabel's joke.

Season 2

He is seen among the children going wild for Will E. Badger at Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree in "Soos and the Real Girl."

In "The Love God," he attends the Woodstick festival.


There is little known about his personality, though he seems to be curious and also enjoys visiting the Shack. In the event of an injury, he cries.



He is short and heavyset, with dark-colored skin and short, brown hair. He wears a blue t-shirt, dark yellow-green shorts, and light brown shoes.


Season 1


Season 2


"Oh, what's this?"
—Billy inspects Mystery Shack merchandise.[source]


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