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Bill's Throne is a throne created by Bill Cipher. It was made out of numerous humans that had been transformed into stone by the Eye-Bats (the evil ones from the Nightmare Realm), and situated in the main room of the Fearamid.


The throne is first seen in the beginning of "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality," when Bill asked for everyone's attention. He draws the Henchmaniacs focus to the throne, and comments that the humans are probably not conscious. Immediately afterward, Lazy Susan turns back to normal, dazed, before Bill pushes her back in place.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," the throne is destroyed when Tyler, as the "load-bearing human" (mentioned by Gideon) is pulled from the front, causing it to collapse, and the petrified humans are returned to normal. During the collapse, the falling people also hit Gideon's cage and make it fall, freeing him.

People identified in the throne

Numerous people were seen in Bill's throne, most of them being secondary and background characters:


Bill's Throne appearance.png

Due to the throne being made up of Gravity Falls residents turned to stone, it looks like it is made of full stone from remote perspectives. The backrest of the throne is shaped like a pyramid, similar to Bill's triangular form.


Season 2


  • Despite the fact that Gabe Benson, the Handlebar Bros, the unnamed Basketball player, Blendin Blandin and Melody are not residents of Gravity Falls, they still appeared on the throne.
  • Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, is part of the throne.
  • Deputy Durland, Pizza Guy, Sprott, Manly Dan, Lazy Susan, a raccoon, and Shandra Jimenez were the only people to be turned into stone onscreen.
  • Bud Gleeful, Mr. Poolcheck, and the unnamed cat tattoo man are the only confirmed residents to have not sought refuge at the Mystery Shack but were still able to avoid becoming part of the throne.
  • Despite that Bill said it's made out of petrified humans, petrified animals and creatures are also likely in the throne.


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