The Bijou Theater is a movie theater where Stan Pines' former girlfriend, Carla McCorkle, was the victim of an attempted mugging.


The theater makes an appearance in one of Stan's memories in "Dreamscaperers." Stan and Carla McCorkle were waiting in line for the screening of Grandpa the Kid, but without warning, a man tried to steal Carla's handbag. Seeing this, Stan quickly reacted by throwing a left hook at the mugger, thus knocking him out and breaking a few teeth. The other people in line cheered for Stan while Carla gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.


The Bijou Theater is a small theater that has the appearance of a classic 1940s movies theater. The title of the theater is large and lit up above the "now showing" marquee. On the right side is a vertical marquee with the word "MOVIES" written vertically down the center in neon.


Season 1


S1e19 The real Bijou theater

Image by Joe Pitt.


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