Big Henry was a Lilliputtian of the miner faction, who lived and worked at the 14th hole of the Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt.


In "The Golf War," when Mabel and Pacifica have a mini-golf match, all of the Lilluputtians had a contest to see which faction was best at controlling the golf course. When Mabel putts her golf ball into the Miners' hole, two Lilluputtians who catch her ball are warned that there is a deadly gas leak in the hole. If they were to continue on, they would die.

Big Henry stepped forward and volunteered to bring the golf ball to the end of the hole. Despite the plead of a young Lilluputtian named Polly, he takes the golf ball and carts it to the end of the course, losing his life in the process. Before he dies, he takes out a drawing Polly drew of the two of them and passes away with tears streaming down his face.


Big Henry is a stocky, bigger than usual Lilliputtians. He is blue and has spots of other shades of blue on his neck. His face is stoic and he wears a typical miner's suit without a helmet. He carries a large hammer.


Season 2


  • During the ending credits of "The Golf War," there is a cryptogram that reads "NLMXQWWN IIZ LZFNF." Once decoded using Vigenère cipher, it reads "REMEMBER BIG HENRY."
  • Big Henry is likely based off of folk hero, John Henry, and his friend Polly off of Polly Ann from the same story.

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