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Bicepticus is a machine that can be played in Skull Fracture. Manly Dan played the machine in "Headhunters", completely destroying it in the process.


The machine was installed in Skull Fracture sometime before the events of the series.

While Dipper and Mabel were investigating the mysterious death of Wax Stan, they went to Skull Fracture and Dipper interrogated Manly Dan, who played the machine during the whole interrogation.

After a few questions, Manly Dan affirmed he didn't use his left hand (the hand that held the crime weapon), and that he used his "manly" right hand as he won and destroyed the game.


The machine has the appearance of a muscular human male with brown hair and a grey spiked bracelet on his hand.

The humanoid machine is connected to another machine that is light blue, with a score above that determines how big was your score when you played the game. It also reads "BICEPTICUS" on the side, and has some other words written on it, like "Can you beat Bicepticus?".


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