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{{Episode|name = Between the Pines|image = Between the Pines promo.jpg|aired = February 8, 2016 (Disney XD)
{{Episode|name = Between the Pines|image = Between the Pines promo.jpg|aired = February 8, 2016 (Disney XD)
February 12, 2016 (Disney Channel)}}
February 12, 2016 (Disney Channel)}}

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Between the Pines is an behind the scenes special hosted by Alex Hirsch and Time Baby. It aired at 8 P.M. on February 8, 2016 on Disney XD and will also air at 9:30 P.M. on February 12, 2016 on Disney Channel.


This is a half-hour special hosted by the Time Baby which introduces exclusive facts and information about Gravity Falls, featuring special commentary from Alex Hirsch himself.


Lightning Round

This segment is 60 seconds of Alex talking about supporting characters.

Wheel of Secrets

Facts revealed:

There were several topics on the wheel that were not discussed:


Production Notes

Character Revelations

  • Priscilla Northwest was Miss Mudflap ~1985. This was how Preston met her.
  • Blendin is bald because his constant time traveling causes his hair to catch on fire.
  • The Multi-bear was originally going to be named The Bear Bear.
  • In Tourist Trapped, it is jam on Norman's face. The gnome queen had recently died, and as part of her funeral ceremony they ate bereavement jam.
  • Li'l Gideon's big hair was meant to conceal a secret twin that he had.
  • Bill was originally going to be green, but they thought it looked too much like a leaf.
    • Time Baby commented that now he looks like a nacho.

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