This page is for Bear-O, the stuffed toy. For the song, see Bear-O (song).

Bear-O is Mabel Pines' beloved childhood puppet. Together they perform the Bear-O the Great act.


In "Tooth," Mabel brings Bear-O on Dipper's excursion. Mabel insists that everyone loves Bear-O, though a flashback shows the opposite. After Bear-O is left on the shore by Dipper, Mabel stops rowing for a short time and holds up a sign asking viewers if they want more Bear-O. At the end of the short, she holds up Bear-O again, scaring Dipper.

The animatronic beaver at Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree resembles Bear-O. Bear-O also makes a minor appearance on the ending slide of "Soos and the Real Girl," and his name is the key for the episode's cipher.


Bear-o appearance

Bear-O is a worn out bear puppet with stuffing peeking out of its various tears, including the sides of its head, arm, and leg. It has brown fur and a pink face, with a long snout. It has one front tooth and eyes that point in different directions. It wears yellow overalls with one pocket in the front. It also wears a brown boater hat.



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