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This page is for Bear-O, the stuffed toy. For the song, see Bear-O (song).

Bear-O is Mabel Pines' beloved childhood puppet. Together they perform the Bear-O the Great act.


In "Tooth," Mabel brings Bear-O on Dipper's excursion. Mabel insists that everyone loves Bear-O, though a flashback shows the opposite. After Bear-O is left on the shore by Dipper, Mabel stops rowing for a short time and holds up a sign asking viewers if they want more Bear-O. At the end of the short, she holds up Bear-O again, scaring Dipper.

The animatronic beaver at Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree resembles Bear-O. Bear-O also makes a minor appearance on the ending slide of "Soos and the Real Girl," and his name is the key for the episode's cipher.

In the book Don’t Color This Book! It's Cursed!, Mabel has the ability to let appear everything she thinks of in the magical Hue-Collecting Tome when she is holding it. Dipper is trapped and hold in the book by Chamelius Pendraggin. One of the pages is filled by Mabel with a huge drawing of Bear-O, making Dipper, who is trapped on the same page, looking away from the drawing in a visible disgust and fear.


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Bear-O is a worn out bear puppet with stuffing peeking out of its various tears, including the sides of its head, arm, and leg. It has brown fur and a pink face, with a long snout. It has one front tooth and eyes that point in different directions. It wears yellow overalls with one pocket in the front. It also wears a brown boater hat.



Season 2



  • Bear-O resembles the animatronics of Disney's Country Bear Jamboree as well as Billy Bob from the Rockafire Explosion.
  • It's hinted in the short "Tooth" and in the book Don’t Color This Book! It's Cursed! that Dipper is scared of Bear-O and doesn't feel at ease when the puppet is near him.

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