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Backupsmore University, also known as BMU, is the college Ford Pines attended after failing to get into his dream school, West Coast Tech. It is here that he meets Fiddleford McGucket, his dormmate and eventual friend who would later work with him on the construction of the Interdimensional Portal.


By the time Ford attended the school in the early 1970s, it was a self-described institution of second choice, boasting of its "mostly bug-free dorms" rather than its nonexistent academic achievements. According to Ford, he had to work twice as hard as he would have at a more prestigious school due to its poor reputation and low educational standards.

Ford receiving his grant from the dean.

Ford completed both his undergraduate studies and at least one of his PhDs at Backupsmore three years ahead of the typical student, taking courses such as Hyper-Advanced Engineering, Fifth Dimensional Calculus, and Applied Quantum Phase theory before writing a thesis that would be nationally ranked and earn him a 100 thousand dollar research grant to use in the field of his choice. It is unknown whether McGucket completed undergraduate studies, graduate studies, or both at Backupsmore, but he did attend the school alongside Ford for a time.

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