Attic Stuff Golf is an online game on the official Gravity Falls website based off the mini golf course Dipper and Mabel made in "Carpet Diem."


The target of the game is throughout nine episode themed holes the player must try to shoot the golf ball into the hole using the keyboard keys or the mouse. You can choose Mabel or Dipper as the contestant to play against, a partner in multiplayer, or by yourself in single player. If you hit walls or objects, and the ball bounces off, you get more points, and additional points if the ball rebounds off of an object and goes in the hole. Many items from the show can be found in the game like the crystal flashlightGrunkle Stan bobbleheads, Height-altering crystals, and more.

How to play

  • Click anywhere on the green colored box with three dots to set a start point.
  • Click, hold, and move the mouse to aim and set power, release to shoot.
  • If you shoot over 5 strokes on a hole, your turn is over and the tally is set to 6.
  • Click the eye icon with two arrows facing opposite directions (up and down) to see the course again.

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