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Ascot and Dickie Sibling are twins living in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey. They are mystery hunters, and nicknamed themselves the Sibling Brothers.

They were made famous by writer Jenkins W. Jenkins, who was an unemployed dockworker in Glass Shard Beach. He wrote his novels based on the exploits of Ascot and Dickie. The name of the main characters of the novels are also called The Sibling Brothers.


Their hobbies as children were going to church and finishing each other's sentences. As adults, their hobbies are going to jail and finishing each other's life sentences. [1]

They are also shown to be condescending and nasty, showing immense enmity towards the Pine brothers, namely towards Stan Pines who they see as nothing than a crafty criminal. Ironically, they have proven to be hypocritical jerks themselves, as they tried to coerce Ford Pines into repudiating Stan by his desire to be approved for having found the rumored Jersey Devil or else they will frame both Pine brothers. Overall, they are just meddlers who have fun stealing people's credit and bullying others that they deem as inferior for their own pleasure and amusement.[2]



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  • Their favorite shoe style is 'Goody Two'.[1]
  • Ascot and Dickie are a parody of The Hardy Boys.


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