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Archibald Corduroy is a one-shot antagonist of Gravity Falls, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Preston Northwest) of the episode Northwest Mansion Mystery. He was a spirit haunting the Northwests' mansion, as well as an ancestor of Wendy Corduroy.[1]


Early Life

Long before Dipper and Mabel's arrival in Gravity Falls, Archibald Corduroy was among the lumberfolk commissioned by Nathaniel Northwest to construct a grand manor using the illustrious fortune garnered from the Northwest Cover-up. Enticed with promises of a lavish party open to all of Gravity Falls' residents, Archibald and the lumberjacks worked tirelessly to complete the manor, and endured dozens of sacrifices from the harsh working conditions.

However, upon the construction's fruition, the Northwests reneged on their promise and denied the town's commoners entry to the festivities, enraging Archibald and the lumberfolk. Before his untimely death in the Great Flood that shortly followed, Corduroy cursed the entirety of the Northwest family, swearing to return 150 years later and exact vengeance upon them should they still refuse the citizens of Gravity Falls admittance to the party. Indeed, for the next 150 years, the Northwests still kept the common people of Gravity Falls out of the party.

Season 2

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," Pacifica Northwest discovers him in her family's home and contacts Dipper to help her capture the specter. However, he soon overwhelms the children. Dipper consults his journal for advice, but only finds a suggestion to "beg for mercy." Ultimately, Dipper manages to trap the ghost in a silver mirror after reading another passage in the journal.

The ghost tells Dipper his story, and attempts to convince the boy to release him. Dipper refuses, as his sister was in the manor, and he didn't want her to get hurt. The ghost then requests that Dipper let him see his beloved trees one last time. Dipper agrees, holding up the mirror. The ghost makes the mirror heat up, causing Dipper to drop it. The mirror shatters and the ghost returns to the mansion, turning all the guests, including Mabel and Dipper, to wood.

Ultimately, Pacifica honors Nathaniel's deal, opening the gates and letting the townsfolk in. The appeased ghost tells Pacifica that she is not like the other Northwests. He undoes his wood curse before finally passing on.

After Archibald passed on, Dipper visited Wendy's home and discovered a picture of Archibald, prior to his death. This made Dipper wonder if Archibald was a relative of Wendy.[1]


The Ghost prior to his demise.
The ghost after his demise.

The ghost takes the form of a lumberjack wearing a flannel shirt and denim overalls. He is missing his right eye. Blue flames shoot out from his head to form a beard and hair, which are able to turn red when the ghost is in its most powerful state. He is also seen with a single-sided ax deep in a crack in his head, which can be explained from a flashback which implies mudslides resulted in the ax being sent into his head, causing his death. The ghost also uses a separate, double sided axe as a weapon. He appears to be blue and has a blue, ghostly aura around him.


Season 2


"Come out... Come out... Wherever you are!"
—Ghost of Northwest Manor[source]

"You've been had, boy. You remind me of me 150 years ago."
—Ghost of Northwest Manor[source]

"150 years ago this day, the Northwests asked us lumber folk to to build them a mansion atop the hill. We were told t'would be a service to the town, that once a year they'd throw a grand party, and all would share in the bounty. It took years of backbreaking labor and sacrifice, but when it was time for the grand party they promised the common folk of the town, they refused to let us in. (Past: You promised, Northwest!) With the trees gone the mudslides began. While they partied and laughed, I was swept away by the storm. (Past: WAHH!) And so I said with final breath: '150 years I'll return from death. And if the gates still closed to town, wealthy blood will stain the ground.' A curse passed down until this day."
—Ghost of Northwest Manor describing his motives[source]

"Generations locked away, my revenge shall have its day!"
—Ghost of Northwest Manor[source]

"Yes, yes! It's happening. My heart, once as hard as oak, now grows soft like more of a birch or something."
—Ghost of Northwest Manor[source]


  • After his encounter with Archibald Corduroy's ghost, Dipper creates a new category of ghosts in Journal 3 titled "Demonic Vengeance Specter."[2]
  • When Archibald escapes from the mirror, his flame beard turns red, which causes the mirror to be too hot to handle. However, blue flames are actually hotter than red flames.


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