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The Arcade is where many citizens of Gravity Falls go to play video games.



Soos Ramirez is a long-standing frequent customer of the arcade and even claims to have learned everything he knows from there, like how to cross the street, eat ghosts and dance.

Season 1

The arcade is first pictured on Blendin Blandin's camouflage suit in "The Time Traveler's Pig," when he is confronted by Dipper and Mabel Pines.

In "Fight Fighters," Soos, Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan and Wendy Corduroy go to the arcade. Soos shows Mabel and Stan various games and explains his past there. They then pass Old Man McGucket, who is playing an out-of-order game, Ho-Down Hero and Stan plays the rip-off game Insert Token. Next, Dipper and Wendy are shown playing Fight Fighters as Rumble McSkirmish and Dr. Karate, respectively. Robbie, who is in the midst of putting up posters for his band, catches sight on them and comes over, pushing Dipper out of the way.

Later, after Robbie challenges Dipper to a fight, the latter goes to the arcade with Soos in order to hide from his challenger. As he plays Fight Fighters, he uncovers a code to bring the characters of the game to life, enters it and unleashes Rumble McSkirmish, whom he utilizes as a bodyguard. Meanwhile, Soos crawls into and gets stuck in the game NORT, though he does manage to somehow escape later on, albeit with the screen frame stuck around his head.

Season 2

In "Weirdmageddon Part 1," the arcade is seen when a weirdness wave affected it, causing many video game characters like Rumble McSkirmish to smash out of it and run amok.

Known arcade games

  • BG Painter Extreme
  • The Claw - a crane game.
  • Ho-Down Hero - a Dance Dance Revolution parody.
  • Insert Token - One of the arcade's newest games, and a rip-off, that only involves a player inserting a quarter to win.
  • Fight Fighters - a Street Fighter parody with the hidden power to send characters into the real world. Its gameplay parodies Street Fighter II.
  • Frog Time - a parody of Frogger.
  • Ghost Maze - a Pac-Man parody. Its gameplay is similar to Pac-Man.
  • Lazer Wizard - a pinball game.
  • Nerd Punch 2 - a video game in which players punch a virtual "nerd." It is a parody of Punch-Out!!
  • NORT - The game based on the movie; based on the game. A parody of Tron.
  • Pizza Time - a BurgerTime parody.


Season 1

Season 2



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