The aquatic restaurant is an upscale eatery in Gravity Falls, Oregon that serves sea food. In keeping with its menu, the decor is primarily ocean themed. The menu includes lobster, which is served fresh.


Season 1

In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," Gideon Gleeful takes Mabel Pines there for their first date. While the latter is initially impressed (e.g. by the soda water and a number of forks), she later starts to resent coming due to the romantic atmosphere, something she'd meant to avoid. Their waiter takes their orders, and Gideon shoos him away, also warning not to make eye contact with him. After finishing their meals, Gideon asks Mabel out again, this time to a ballroom dance, and she agrees only due to the pressure put on her by the other patrons. Mabel takes the live lobster that she was served back to the Mystery Shack with her, placing it in the aquarium.


In "Mabel's Guide to Stickers" Mabel fills her mouth with Swiss cheese wiz while seated at the Aquatic restaurant. Jean-Luc passes by and looks at her.


The main dining area has light blue walls, a white ceiling, and wooden floors, with a fountain and various ocean-themed decorations (e.g. shells, starfish, tridents, etc.) scattered throughout. The circular tables are covered with cloths, which are white in color with a single light blue stripe towards the bottom, and some spiked glass centerpieces and most of them are surrounded by two blue, cushioned chairs. Booths are blue in turquoise/teal color, some in raised alcoves, accessible through drawn white curtains. The kitchen is entered through pale blue double doors with circular windows. The exterior has yet to be seen.


Season 1



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