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The angry lady[2] is a resident of Gravity Falls.


The angry woman flattens a baseball.

The angry lady is first seen in "Headhunters," amongst the crowd at the grand unveiling of Wax Stan. Like the other attendees, she is extremely disgruntled by Stan Pines lying about there being free pizza for everyone who attended the ceremony, throwing and breaking chairs in a fit of anger. Later, Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines list her as a suspect for Wax Stan's "murder," and test her handedness, finding that she uses her right hand when she catches, and squishes, a baseball Mabel throws at her.

In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," she places money into Gideon Gleeful's "Psychic Sack" while entering the Tent of Telepathy, and watches his show, sitting behind Soos Ramirez, Mabel and Dipper. She later tackles Rosanna in an attempt to steal Gideon's cape from her. She is then seen having dinner at the restaurant where Gideon and Mabel went to on their date. There, Gideon's horse eats her food.

In "Irrational Treasure", she celebrates Pioneer Day and watches Pacifica Northwest's speech.

The angry woman watches Mabel run.

She attends the Mystery Fair in "The Time Traveler's Pig" and she is angered when she proves unsuccessful in dunking Stan before being called "high pants" by him in an attempt to encourage her to try. Mabel then runs by her in her frenzy to win a pig. She later is seen amongst the crowd cheering when Lolph successfully dunks Stan. When Dipper and Mabel time travel back to Wax Stan's unveiling, she is seen in the back of the present crowd.

She is seen on TV in the live studio audience of an episode of the TV show Why You Ackin' So Cray-Cray? in "Fight Fighters."

The woman is later seen amongst the townsfolk gathered at the site of the Gideon-Bot's explosion in "Gideon Rises," witnessing Gideon's exposure as a fraud and Stan's reclaiming of the Mystery Shack.


Though not much is known about her personality, she seems to be angered very easily and loves Gideon Gleeful's shows, even using physical violence to obtain the cape he threw into the audience[1]. She is usually seen being angry or frustrated. She also seems to be tough as she squeezes a baseball with her right hand.


Angry woman appearance.png

She is a heavyset light brown-skinned woman with brown hair that has bangs. She usually wears a white frilled, pink shirt, high up brown pants with pockets, a belt with a gold colored buckle, an excessive amount of rosy blush, white socks and purple sandals.


Season 1


—The angry woman finds Gideon's performance adorable.[source]


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