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The Revolution was here?!
|image = Andy Gonsalves.jpg
|full name = Andy Gonsalves
|nickname =
|sex = Male
|birth date =
|born in =
|height =
|eye color = Brown
|hair color = Black
|occupation = Prop Designer<br>Artist
|website =
'''Andy Gonsalves''' was a prop designer and journal illustrator for ''[[Gravity Falls (TV series)|Gravity Falls]]''.
Gonsalves graduated of the [[wikipedia:School of Visual Arts|School of Visual Arts]] in [[wikipedia:New York City|NYC]], where he earned his BFA in Animation.
For the [[Season 1|first season]] of ''Gravity Falls'' alone, Gonsalves designed over one thousand props and effects.<ref>{{Cite web |url = |title = Andy |accessdate = May 4, 2015 |author = Gonsalves, Andy}}</ref>
He is currently located in [[wikipedia:Los Angeles|Los Angeles]], where he continues to work on ''[[wikipedia:Uncle Grandpa|Uncle Grandpa]]'' as a storyboard artist.
==External links==
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* [ Andy Gonsalves] on [[wikipedia:LinkedIn|LinkedIn]]
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* {{Tumblr|andymagic}}
* {{Twitter|andygonsalves}}
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The Revolution was here?!

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