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Amory Watterson is an American actress. She voiced young Wendy Corduroy in Gravity Falls episode, "Blendin's Game." She has also appeared in National Commercial and several short films. Twin Lotus, Occams Razor and Grim are just a few she has done. She now lives in Los Angeles.


Amory Watterson, named for her mother Bridgett's hometown of Amory, Mississippi, gained an interest in acting at the age of three and after convincing her mother and father that it was more than simply a phase, her parents signed her up for theater lessons.[1]

At the age of eight Amory moved to New York, her father's job requiring her family to relocate. While in New York, Amory looked to start up her career in acting, often having to remind herself to "lose the southern accent" when auditioning.[1] She officially started her career after getting a role in the short, Shake Things Up. In 2013 she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her goal of becoming an actress. She is hopeful that all the hype from her roles in 2014 will help her land future gigs.[1]

She still lives in LA and continues to get her education via an online school and is currently acting in an unaired video short, Little Kids. Big Questions.

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