"Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon was a special Gravity Falls season 2 marathon which aired twice on April 19, 2015.


Included in the marathon was a segment during the commercials of each episode, titled "'Old Man' McGucket's Conspiracy Corner," in which a puppet Old Man McGucket talks about his conspiracy theories regarding the anomalies in Gravity Falls, Oregon, as well as other observations he's made about the town. Some of these theories and observations are true, while others are either incorrect or unproven.

Apparently McGucket was only given a corner because they "don't trust him with a whole room." His "corner" consists only of real objects, with no cartoon animation. There is a bulletin board with various clues pinned on it, with red string connecting some of them together. Several of the clues were seen throughout the show, including:

  • what appears to be a hand drawn map
  • a note with "M052584" written on it (the "code" seen on McGucket's laptop)
  • a photograph Dipper and Mabel Pines (seen in "Not What He Seems")
  • a passport and fake IDs belonging to Stan
  • the newspaper article "STAN PINES DEAD" with a large, red question mark drawn on it (seen in "Not What He Seems," but without the red question mark)
  • two pages from Journal 3
  • a photograph of Agent Powers
  • a photograph of Agent Trigger
  • the business card Agent Powers gave to Dipper (seen in "Scary-oke")
  • a chart indicating seismic activity in Gravity Falls, Oregon.
  • a photograph of Journal 3; pinned under it is rubber glove with six fingers (seen in multiple episodes)
  • a picture of a silhouette with a white question mark on the face (seen in "Society of the Blind Eye")
  • a ripped open bag of ice (seen on the Bill Cipher Wheel)
  • a drawing of a slice of pepperoni pizza surrounded by infinity symbols
  • two photos of a stained glass window that has a triangle with an eye on it (seen in the attic of the Mystery Shack)
  • a photograph of a portrait of Stan Pines (seen in "Not What He Seems")
  • an illustration of the Memory erasing gun (seen in "Society of the Blind Eye")
  • a newspaper clipping about a wanted grifter (seen in "Not What He Seems")
  • the code to open the secret door behind the vending machine (seen in "Not What He Seems")
  • a chart with a red arrow moving steeply upwards
  • a picture of Sev'ral Timez (seen in "Boyz Crazy")
  • a crinkled drawing of McGucket's hat
  • a picture of Stan (as he appeared in a flashback in "Dreamscaperers")
  • an Oregon postcard

Some of the segments can be found on the [ Disney Video website].

List of segments


In "6-18,"[1] McGucket says that the number 618 has been haunting his dreams. He says that it is everywhere, including the Mystery Shack, prison (referring to the number on Stan's prison uniform when he was in jail in Columbia), cash registers. Wondering what the number might mean, McGucket says he's come to the conclusion that the number is "a clue from a creature from another dimension that [they are] all just drawings on a page." This is followed by clips of various characters laughing, and McGucket comes to the conclusion that he is simply being paranoid.


In "Cryptograms,"[2] McGucket points out that cryptograms can be found throughout the series. He says that he can read them but doesn't understand the meaning behind them. He has tried using several languages in an attempt to translate the cryptograms, including some form of western Manotaur script and "Possum Sanskrit," but that he still can't make sense of what it means. He concludes by saying that he doubts this mystery will ever be solved and that it's time for him to have his hootenanny, and then proceeds to have said hootenanny.


In "Eyes,"[3] McGucket points out how many people in Gravity Falls have only one eye, including: Lazy Susan, who always has one eye closed, Stan Pines, who covers one of his eyes with an eye patch, Blind Ivan (who he refers to as "the baldy feller", Bill Cipher and the lumberjack, who is missing an eye.

McGucket explains that he told this to a skunk, but the skunk told him that he is a "sap head." Still, McGucket says that he believes they are all connected.

Government Agency

In "Government Agency,"[4] McGucket claims that government agents (Agent Powers and Agent Trigger are always watching everyone. He points out several places in town where he has seen them, including Mabel's puppet show, the Northwest Fest and the Gravity Falls Mall when he shops for buckets. He explains that a beaver stole his old one, and then the beaver in question (also a puppet) shows up. McGucket tells the beaver that it knows what it did. He then wonders where else the agents may have appeared that he didn't notices, and suggests some other locations, including the Gravity Falls Swap Meet, the Woodstick Festival, "behind that tapestry at the Northwest Mansion," Globnar, Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree, youth soccer games and go-cart tracks.

The Ice Man

In "The Ice Man,"[5] McGucket talks about who might the ice bag on the Bill Cipher Wheel represent. He states that he already know for a fact that the pine tree represents Dipper Pines and that the star represents Gideon Gleeful. He also says that the glasses represent him (this is in reference to a common theory by fans), but this is followed by a short clip of Dipper saying "I'm not so sure about that."

McGucket then wonders who the ice might represent, and presents some of his theories as to the answer. He suggests that it could represent Will E. Badger "since he's so cool," Wax Sherlock Holmes, since "he's gotta stay cool" and Blendin Blandin. No reason is given for Blendin, but it is likely because Blendin bumped into Dipper, making him drop the ice that he was getting for Wendy.[6]

Laptop Code

In "Laptop Code," [7] McGucket discusses the small numbers (M052584) on his laptop (which can be seen below the screen on the right of the laptop. He says that he has no idea where the numbers came from, and theorizes what it could possibly mean. He suggests that it could be a date or phone number, but that he believes it is the coordinates to the passage to Possum town (which he insists exists). Finally he says that it could potentially just be the number of hairs on his beard, and proceeds to count them incorrectly.


In "Medalions," [8] McGucket points out the various gold medals seen throughout Gravity Falls. He says that, at first he thought there was some sort of contest going on, but then came to the conclusion that there is a secret society which people wearing gold medallions are a part of. This includes Stan Pines, Sheriff Blubs, Sergei and the carnee who was in charge of the game where Dipper tries to knock down bottles to win a stuffed animal for Wendy at the Mystery Fair.

McGucket then admits that he is worried that he might unknowingly be a member, since he has a gold tooth.

Relation Shipping

In "Relation Shipping,"[9] McGucket expresses his lack of interest in relationship gossip, stating that this is something he'll leave to Toby Determined. He says that, lately, people have been talking about various romantic relationships occurring in town, including Mabel and Mermando, Dipper and Pacifica Northwest (which is then followed by a clip of Dipper and Mabel recoiling in disgust) as well as McGucket himself and his favorite raccoon. He then state that he thinks it is all "hogwash," and then asks if anyone has ever been to an "actual hogwash," stating that it's a wonderful time.

Stan's Brother

In "Stan's Brother,"[10] McGucket starts off by saying that he believes there is something strange about Stan Pines, saying that he "used to see a guy who looked just like him around [town]." The man would do things such as "sciency stuff" and reading, and that he "practically looked like Stan's twin brother."

McGucket then goes on to talk about his own "twin brother," who watches him when he bathes (it is actually just his reflection in the tub). McGucket happily says that he hasn't bathed in weeks because of this and that he smells terrible as a result.


In "Triangles,"[11] McGucket says that he saw a window in the Mystery Shack shaped like a triangle with an eyeball on it, and has been thinking about triangles since. He says that they can be found everywhere in many forms such as demons, nacho earrings and Infinity pizza.

He also adds that he has a theory that roadside cones are trying to take over the world and put squares and circles in their place.

Character revelations

  • McGucket's eyes are blue.
  • McGucket has a television, which apparently talks to him.
  • McGucket went shopping for buckets because a raccoon ran off with his old one.
  • McGucket stands on his head in order to get ideas.
  • The author often spent time reading books.
  • McGucket believes that the reflection of himself in the bucket he bathes in is actually his twin.
  • McGucket can read "possum Sanskrit" and some form of western Manotaur script.
  • McGucket isn't interested in relationship gossip and who is dating who.
  • Toby Determined, on the other hand, is interested in this.

Series continuations

  • McGucket points out various hidden things throughout the series.
  • Various characters from the series are both seen and mentioned.
  • McGucket refers to the time he saw Soos in Waddles body bathing in mud in the episode "Carpet Diem."
  • The "man" (his reflection on the bucket he bathes in) who McGucket has an hourly turf war with in "Society of the Blind Eye" is mentioned.

Referenced Episodes

Clips of various episodes appear throughout the segments, including:


  • In both the title and description of "Medalions" on the Disney Video website, "medallions" is misspelled.


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