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M'Kayla Bardwell-Agagnier
• 6/10/2018

What is up with 'Gravity Falls: Lost Legends'?

So, what is going on with the Gravity Falls graphic novel? We barely know anything about it and it's just over a month away. I, nor any fans know why Alex Hirsch is keeping this book such a secret. So, here's what we actually know about this thing:

1. The cover and title were announced on the 2nd aniversary of Gravity Falls with the social media puzzle #PuzzlingPines

2. It has 144 pages.

3. It has a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition with 16 extra pages of "Behind the Scenes sketches and secrets".

4. It's written by Alex Hirsch and illustrated by Dana Terrace, Stephanie Ramierez, Joe Pitt, and many more talented artists.

5. It will not continue after the final credits rolled.

There aren't many things we know about this book, so let's start talking about things we're not certain on.

1. Is this thing Canon? I think it's pretty safe to say yes. Alex Hirsch himself is writing this thing so I'd be surprised if it isn't.

2. Will Bill Cipher return? Many fans think he will. I'd be very surprised if he didn't even get mentioned since he is the main villain. Although, he is not on the cover.

3. Will we see more of Ford's past? I don't think we will, but I hope we see Ford's adventures while in the Nightmare Realm.

4. Is this comic a one time thing, or is it going to have sequels? I sure hope it does because I am a really big fan of Gravity Falls and hope that Dipper and Mabel's story is not over.

5. Will Journal 3 return? I'd be surprised to see it go, but it's lacking an appearance on the cover, so we'll never know for sure.

6. What are the four stories even about? No clue! But I think one of them will be about Pacifica finding many locked doors hidden in her house so she'll call Dipper to use the President's Key and unlock the many secret doors.

7. What is the book with the question mark on the cover? Many people think it's a new journal, but I think it won't appear in any of the four stories because it's just a cover design.

What do you think 'Lost Legends' will be about? Do you think it will be amazing or absolute garbage? I hope it's good because I'm a huge fan of the show. Alex, please do not disappoint.
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M'Kayla Bardwell-Agagnier
• 6/12/2018
Hi, just my opinion here, I don't really think it should be a book cause it just doesn't seem right to me cause I'm so used to seeing it on tv. It might just be me but I don't know man. With the above, that's a lot of questions I don't have answers to. I may have guesses to though
• 6/16/2018
I’m really excited for it! I can’t even begin to explain my excitement....for one (don’t judge me) I hope the theories of Dipper and Pacifica that fans made up are wrong because I have a MAJOR crush on Dipper😍😍Yeah but anyway I can’t wait!
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